“BSP-Contract Cell Works has introduced online RA-3 form for LTE and LTR cases which is available at buyjuction portal. Vendors are requested to fill up the RA-3 form online before placement of Online Price Bid. Hard copy of Techno Commercial (TC) bids are not required to submit after that”

Category Management Services (CMS)

How it works

The world is changing radically: technology and innovative business ideas are changing the face of global market network. There is a sudden need to reduce cost, hold on top line opportunities regarding procurement and services, driving best-in-class performance, and achieve superior business outcomes in procurement and sourcing are critical for an enterprise to succeed.

This is a risk & cost optimized model that enables a faster way for organizations to deploy purchasing solutions. The solution provides support for some of the critical success factors in purchasing to help address business challenges.

buyjunction CMS combines process, technology and services to identify, capture and realize bottom-line savings. The service offers the following services backed by high-level features.

The process we follow

The image below displays buyjunction's role in the complete procurement process. Once there is a request from the client side on the purchase of an item, Buyjunction executes the entire range of process from handling requests to the purchase order, following shipment of goods, processing of invoice and payments. The clients can actually view the system for any kind of approvals, view analytics and performance.

  • Strategic sourcing
    • Consulting
    • Spend analysis
    • Supplier management
    • Inventory planning
    • Market Intelligence
  • Source to Contract
    • Sleffing
    • Category management
    • Spot purchase
    • Contracting projects
  • Contract-to-Pay
    • Contract management
    • Stores expediting
    • Catalogue management
    • Accounts payable
    • Reporting
  • Technology
    • e-Sourcing/ eRFX
    • e-Procurement
    • ERP
  • Geographical coverage
    • APAC
    • India
    • Europe
    • America

How does buyjunction achieve this?

  • We buy for a large number of corporations, therefore get best deal
  • We use various technology tools to support operations
  • We follow “Theory of Constraints” in supply chain to optimise our performance
  • Our support consists of onsite, offsite, near site teams as per customer requirement
  • Our reporting & governance structure are simple, transparent & prompt
  • Being a Tata group company we subscribe to Tata code of conduct & practice TBEM - which means ethics & quality will not be compromised